Bamboo Benefits

Only the best for our BLB Babes!

Our products are thoughtfully made from high quality, luxurious bamboo. There are many benefits of bamboo, the most obvious being that it is a silky soft texture and extra absorbent. Your little one will love our bamboo range too!

Bonus points for the non-irritating, anti-microbial and thermal regulating properties! Like we said, we use only the best!

Bamboo is softer than the softest cotton and has a natural sheen like cashmere and silk. It's the perfect material for delicate young skin.
The super soft bamboo is known for its light, gentle and cuddly texture -  Au Revoir to rough and dry towels. Thanks to the natural smooth fiber properties, the softness of these luxurious towels also prevent skin irritations on your little one. Ideal for sensitive baby and children's skin!


Bamboo is 4 x more absorbent than cotton! Not only will it help dry your babe quicker and keep them warm, bamboo also contains thermal regulating materials that adjusts to your babies body temperature too.

Perfect for summertime, giving you peace of mind that your little one won't over heat and ideal for the cooler winter months knowing your little one will be warm & comfortable after bath time.

There are many eco-friendly benefits of bamboo. Cleaner air & water saving requiring less energy & water to grow. No chemicals; can grow without pesticides. Bamboo is the only plant that does not need chemical pesticides because it has its own anti-bacterial agent in its stem. How amazing is that?! Sustainable; it is one of the fastest growing plants on earth that offers complete regeneration even without a need of replanting and it's 100 % biodegradable.