Our Story


Hello Mums & Dads of the world.

Welcome to Baby Loves Bubbles, I’m so happy to have you here!

Baby Loves Bubbles is a brand of unique and innovative bath towels + mitts, made with love, to help parents all over the world with bath time.

Beautifully designed in Australia, by me Estelle, a QLD Mama with babies and parent’s best interest at heart. Baby Loves Bubbles pieces will quickly become a favourite in your family and your little one’s new best friend.

Baby Loves Bubbles was born after having my little girl, Thea, & having stressful post bath time experience. My munchkin absolutely loved bath time however as soon as it was time to take her out, it was game over.

Taking a wet and slippery baby out of the bath with one hand while trying to wrap her up awkwardly in her towel with the other was very difficult and always ended in a lot of screaming.

After doing a lot of research, I realised other parents out there also had this problem. So... I got creative & designed our beautiful Baby Loves Bubbles towels to make post bath time for you and your mini you as stress-free and relaxing as possible.

You have carried your little bundle of joy and protected him/her for as long as you could in your womb and now it is my turn to help you do that here on earth side too.

I believe giving the best to our babies and having high quality items is so important and this is why I promise our products are super soft and ultra absorbent to keep your little babe warm from head to toe.


We can’t wait to follow your journey and be there every step of the way!